The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

One of the most compelling examples of brutal injustices and poverty on the planet today can be seen in the faces of those affected by the hidden horror continuing to unfold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Sadly, few people here in the U.S. are aware of the depth and scale of human suffering taking place there. It is a grim picture indeed with warring factions routinely killing men, women and children, pillaging the land and the soul of its people. The prevalence of rape and other sexual violence against women and children in Eastern DRC is described as the worst in the world.


After taking the 40-day “Least of These” Scripture journey, download the Congo video and share it with your congregation. Consider* taking a congregational love offering for this ABS project that brings Scripture, food, medical care and counseling to the suffering people of the Congo. 90% of this offering will be directed to the Congo project, and 10% will help ABS provide quality Bible Engagement tools to other churches.**
*Please work with the Bible Advocate of your Church in responding to this need.
**This is a suggested distribution for your offering; you may direct the distribution of your offering as you see fit.

Other Ways to Respond:

Encourage daily awareness of, and response to, those in need in your community.
Consider taking a congregational love offering for your church’s own Missions project, with 90% of the offering going towards your church’s own project, and 10% to help ABS provide quality Bible Engagement tools to other churches.
If your church does not have the means to raise financial support, find a way to participate in community projects such as: inviting the community into local Bible Study groups, gifting Scripture to others; helping out at a soup kitchen or a half-way house, or encouraging Bible engagement at community events.
Gather the testimonies from your congregation of what they are doing differently to impact the world around them as a result of meaningfully engaging the Scriptures based on poverty & justice.
Record Magazine - People in the Congo are breaking through the bleakness with joy and hope.