Get Started

  1. Develop a Plan Decide how long you would like to complete the journey: 40 days, 8 weeks, 40 weeks, or more.  
  1. Download Resources Participants will need:
  1. Promote the Least of These Make announcements at church and ask Small Group Leaders to encourage their members to participate. Let church members know that everyone can sign up for free e-mail delivery of the Least of These daily readings.   Sign up for the Least of These Jouney » 
  1. Launch the Least of These Plan a special “Least of These Kick-off” service at your church so that everyone begins the Least of These together.  
  1. Celebrate Completion Have all participants announce their completion of the Least of These.  
  1. Next Steps Visit Uncover the Word™ for more Bible engagement resources to use after the Least of These.